5 things FlamePro takes care of so you don’t have to

Purchasing the firefighter PPE for your team is a huge responsibility.


You’re choosing the garments which protect them in life or death situations, no small decision. The gravity of your choice doesn’t stop the process from being a long, drawn-out, monotonous bore. FlamePro is here to help. Obviously, the safety of your team is our number one priority, but we have put in place ways to save you time and effort too.


1. Going to Tender.


Tenders are a long process. First you must research the market, then you have to research the companies, then you have to design and spec, then you have to come up with a way to score the process, and then a million more steps. You’ll probably finally get your firefighter PPE 18 months after you started, and it may not even be what you really wanted.

Enter the professional buying organisation! Let me tell you about ESPO. ESPO is a professional buying organisation which provides goods to the public sector. Owned by the public sector, it is a one-stop shop of over 25,000 products, 120 frameworks and bespoke procurement services. ESPO provide free support and advice from teams of experts. And here’s the good news! As of September 2019, FlamePro is a supplier to ESPO. That means that you can you can make buying decisions more confidently and with ease. ESPO has done all the hard work for you, so you can trust that what you buy is fully compliant. Buying FlamePro gear has never been easier. There’s no longer any need for drawn out tenders because ESPO has fully approved our firefighter PPE for you.


2. Dealing with multiple companies.


So, you talk to one company for your gloves, another company for your boots and one more for every other piece of kit. You compare product, discuss pricing and organise delivery ten times!


The Solve: Speak to one of the experts here at FlamePro and we’ll help you with everything, from head to toe. Easy!


3. Endless Research.


Wow, there really are a lot of options out there aren’t there. Does that boot work with these gloves? What about helmets? It can be very overwhelming trying to ingest all the specifications, standards and data.


The Solve: We have specially selected accessories and combined them into useful bundles. Visit our website and find exactly what you’re looking for by filtering our accessory bundles by application or industry. Or give us a call and we’ll give you a recommendation.


4. Waiting for your kit.


How frustrating is it to order your firefighter PPE only to wait 6 months before it turns up?! It simply isn’t realistic for you to have to plan so far in advance for potentially just one or two kits.


The Solve: FlamePro hold stock of much of our range so a 2-day lead isn’t unheard of. For manufactured orders we’ll have it with you in 6-8 weeks. When speed is required, FlamePro have you covered.


5. Care and Maintenance.


As you know: a firefighter suit is only as strong as its weakest seam. And with this new understanding of the risks of contaminated gear, it’s no surprise that care and maintenance is high on many of your agendas. Ad hoc cleaning is becoming a thing of the past and neglecting the maintenance of your firefighter ppe is simply dangerous. The importance doesn’t stop the process from being frustrating and mundane.


The Solve: With a FlamePro care and maintenance package we care for and clean all your garments on a regular basis so you can relax, it’s taken care of.


Like I said earlier, our first priority is keeping your team safe. Making your life easier is a great added bonus!


We know it’s important that you make the right choice. If you would like any further advice on what to look for when specifying your new firefighting kit don’t hesitate to get in touch or call one of our experts on +44 (0) 1332 341030.