National Ambulance Resilience Unit

 Bespoke Garments: Supply and Distribution of PPE for the National Ambulance Resilience Unit HART.
 Timeframe: 6 – 8 weeks
 Contract Size: 1175 full ensembles per annum


Overview: The United Kingdom contract for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to the National Ambulance Resilience (NARU) Unit HART teams involved in National Emergencies and Crises, included full ensembles of equipment for a total of 1,175 personnel across the country.


The delivery time for these bespoke garments to be made to order is 6-8 weeks. The personal protection equipment is critical in keeping the team safe and assisting them playing a vital role in UK’s health services and emergency resilience. NARU is part of the National Health Service (NHS), funded by the Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response Department of NHS England.

Ministry of Defence – United Kingdom

Bespoke Garments – Supply and distribution of PPE for the Ministry of Defence

Distribution: 97 sites globally


Contract Size: 5,000 full ensembles


Overview: The United Kingdoms Ministry of Defence (MOD) issued a contract to globally fit out all 97 UK defence sites with the supply and distribution of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). This included full ensembles of equipment for 2,500 personnel, and logistics cover beyond the United Kingdom to strategic UK defence sites around the world.


Ministry of Defence – United Kingdom, Poland, LENP

  • Arctic Sleeping bags (-30 degrees) 12,000
  • Arctic Bivvy Bags 12,000
  • Thick Roll Mats 12,000
  • Waterproof stuff bags 12,000

Timing: 7 weeks, shipments every 2 weeks


Overview: It was announced that the UK would send 12,000 sleeping kits to the Ukrainian Armed Forces to assist them in grueling winter conditions. Suppliers, however, had lead times of 6-12 months on the sleeping systems, and the MOD needed them in 12 weeks. Once DE&S and MOD had successfully validated our product, we used one of our contracted factories to successfully supply and ship the product. We carried out third-party inspections during production and carried out a final pre-shipment inspection for every shipment per week. Working closely with our factories, we enabled fast and efficient deliveries to be made to the UK MOD. This, in turn, allowed the MOD to fulfil the promise of the government to the Ukraine, on time, and in full for the Ukrainian winter period.

G4S Case Study

Customer name – G4S
Location – Rosyth , Scotland
Business Sector – Industrial
Business Requirement – : Prioritise safety, address functionality concerns of existing gear, and seamlessly transition from outdated equipment.


Enhancing safety and boosting morale at G4S


G4S has revolutionised its Emergency Response Team with FlamePro’s cutting-edge structural fire suits. With an impressive 18-year legacy safeguarding a sprawling 303-acre site for Babcock International, G4S identified the pressing need for advanced protective gear. The mission was clear: prioritise safety, address functionality concerns, and seamlessly transition from outdated equipment.


For Shaun Fyfe, G4S Service Delivery Manager, the results speak volumes—boasting not only a significant enhancement in safety protocols but also a remarkable boost in team morale.


The challenge


The need for FlamePro construction of new class aircraft carriers, the Queen Elizabeth garments came about when the construction of new class aircraft carriers, the Queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Wales, required a dedicated Emergency Response Team. The existing fire protection teams needed upgraded equipment, as the old suits were becoming outdated and did not provide the necessary fit functionality required when working in confined shipbuilding spaces, where their kit could easily get caught. The primary objectives were to enhance safety, ensure functionality in confined spaces, and address issues with the previous gear, such as bagginess and wear and tear.


The product selection process


The quality of the work garments was paramount, given the intense and critical nature of their work. While budget constraints were a consideration, the focus was on ensuring the right equipment without compromising on safety and functionality.


FlamePro’s Valiant garments stood out for their superior design, providing a great fit and flexibility essential for working in confined spaces. The decision-making process prioritised safety and functionality over cost, with a long-term perspective to avoid frequent kit renewals” says Shaun.


Outcomes and impact


G4S initially purchased 21 sets of FlamePro Valiant fire suits and was the first security team in Scotland to trail the brand-new Gallet helmets with integrated torches to prevent snagging. They are looking to roll out a further 15 sets in the coming year.


The feedback from the Emergency Response Team has been overwhelmingly positive. The new suits offer improved flexibility, better fit, and enhanced protection with features like Kevlar and carbon fibre components.


There has been a significant reduction in wear and tear compared to the previous gear, leading to increased longevity” says Shaun.


The adoption of the Valiant kit at G4S has not only addressed safety concerns but has also significantly boosted the morale of the Emergency Response Team. The improved
functionality and comfort of the FlamePro gear have made the team feel like “superstars,” contributing to a positive work environment and feeling of belonging as more than a support function.


A lasting customer relationship


Working with FlamePro has been seamless and I would recommend them to others” says Shaun, who also expressed satisfaction with the prompt responses and support provided by the FlamePro customer service team.


FlamePro demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction by addressing specific needs in a timely fashion, such as sourcing Gallet helmet covers to enhance product longevity.

FlamePro fire kit: The trusted solution for Farnborough firefighters

When Farnborough Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting Service (FARFFS) sought to renew its personal protective equipment (PPE) contract, its criteria extended beyond exceptional safety gear. They were in search of a supplier capable of delivering outstanding customer service and prompt delivery. FlamePro, a renowned provider of life-saving garments to firefighters worldwide, with exceptional dedication to customer satisfaction, successfully secured the contract, offering 31 kits to FARFFS.


Positive trial feedback and enhanced mobility


FlamePro submitted a tender for the 10-year PPE contract, initially providing tunics and leggings for trial purposes. Following extensive trials by FARFFS, the feedback received was overwhelmingly positive, with the crews highly satisfied with the performance of the gear.


Firefighters particularly commended the integrated knee pads and praised the remarkable freedom of movement provided by our garments. The adjustment period for our PPE was minimal, quickly adapting to the body and allowing firefighters to carry out their duties without limitation.


Also, our boots garnered high praise for their immediate comfort, eliminating the need for an extended breaking-in period, unlike other brands. These lightweight boots don’t impede firefighters during incidents, enabling them to move swiftly and perform their duties efficiently.


Based on the positive trial experiences, our PPE emerged as the preferred choice for FARFFS’ firefighting operations.


Ed Knighton, Station Manager, expressed his satisfaction, saying, “The fit of FlamePro PPE is excellent, ensuring unrestricted movement and enabling our firefighters to respond effectively to emergencies and training exercises. I was impressed with how light the kit was and how easy it was to control body temperature.”


Flexible PPE solutions


Having secured the decade-long contract, FlamePro began providing 31 firefighters with boots, leggings, jackets and trousers, gloves, particulate flash hoods and helmets. Specifically for this project, we provided repairs, recycling, and laundering for these garments.


Emphasising firefighter health and safety


Recognising the risks associated with firefighter cancers, FARFFS prioritises clean equipment and post-incident PPE. Our washable gloves play a crucial role in limiting exposure to harmful particulates. In contrast to traditional leather gloves, which pose contamination risks and lack proper washing capabilities, the FlamePro washable gloves ensure efficient cleaning, alleviating concerns of contamination.


FARFFS also commended FlamePro’s industry-leading particulate flash hood, which provides an additional layer of protection against cancer-causing particulates. From the first use, this hood offers above 99% protection, surpassing alternative products.




FARFFS’ selection of the FlamePro fire kit stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to equipping firefighters with the finest gear available, guaranteeing their safety and effectiveness in the line of duty.


“As a seasoned firefighter with 32 years of experience, I have no hesitation in recommending the FlamePro fire kit”, concludes Ed.