Protecting firefighters from cancer: the most advanced particulate hoods on the market

Many of us have been alarmed by recent research commissioned by the Fire Brigades Union and independently carried out by the University of Central Lancashire, that evidences instances of cancer among firefighters aged 35-39 is up to 323% higher than the general population of the same age, urging our industry to act now to make firefighting a safer profession. The neck and jaw areas are most vulnerable to smoke and particulate exposure, which is why protective hoods are so critical.


We’ve worked hard to create an industry-leading particulate hood responding to firefighters’ needs. FlamePro’s next-generation particulate hoods give firefighters the most advanced protection from cancer-causing particulates from the very first time it is worn, a step-up from alternative products that fall short.


Unlike any other hood using the same fabric, FlamePro’s pioneering design is engineered with unique differences to give firefighters the highest level of protection and comfort:


Maximised protection that lasts longer


171 and 172 DuPont™ Nomex® Nano Flex versions are independently tested and certified to give above 99% protection from the first wear and up to 250 washes compared to other products that only give protection levels for around 100-150 washes. And our 173 PTFE hood offering 99.9% protection from the first wear.


Great value, without compromising safety


Not only do our new particulate hoods have extended durability that give maximum levels of protection for longer than any alternative, but we also offer both critical cover and full cover protection options to accommodate varying budgets. This gives you the confidence you’re not compromising on the quality and safety standards your firefighters deserve.

Eliminates the risk of particulate exposure and weak spots


Particulate barrier protection all the way to the face eliminates the risk of exposure, compared to alternative hoods which have a rib around the edging leaving the face exposed to particulates. FlamePro’s hoods have protected seams for comfort and use meta-aramid threads to give 100% protection from particulates filtering through. What’s more, our hoods are made without any quilting to ensure there is no particulate seepage through weak spots.


Exceptionally lightweight to improve mobility and reduce heat stress


Our particulate hoods are lighter than any other hood using the same material thanks to FlamePro’s intelligent pattern cutting to tailor the fit. This not only ensures safety and comfort by adapting to the wearer’s size, but it also contributes further to reducing the risk to the firefighter of heat stress.


Two sizes for maximum safety and comfort


FlamePro knows that a “one size fits most” approach isn’t good enough. Our hoods are tailored for different sizes to reduce the risks of ill-fitting hoods, giving maximised protection and comfort. Garments are clearly labelled to make sure firefighters are easily able to identify that they are donning the right hood.


Eliminate need for duplicate kits


FlamePro’s particulate hoods meet both structural AND wildfire certifications, eliminating the need for buying, storing, and maintaining duplicate kit and the risk of firefighters taking the wrong protective hood to an incident. This reduces the budget investment needed for the same item at both wildfire and structural incidents.


Highly breathable allowing heat and moisture to escape


FlamePro’s particulate hood uses cutting-edge DuPontNomex® Nano Flex fabric, specifically developed to prevent contamination from particulates.


The heat and flame-resistant fabric is highly breathable, very thin, and lightweight which is crucial for allowing both heat and moisture to escape, allowing firefighters to stay clear headed and safe. These qualities are essential for preventing heat stress and maintaining comfort in extreme environments.


Reduced hearing impairment


Unlike PTFE laminated hoods, the new 171 and 172 hoods do not contain a plastic lining that interferes with hearing. This means firefighters hear instructions more clearly and are more aware of their surroundings, enhancing their ability to perform safely.


Stand-out choice in wearer trials


Firefighters chose our particulate hood more frequently than any other in user trials, reporting it was comfortable, cool, and quiet to wear.


Act now


Give your firefighters maximum protection against the cancer-causing risks of particulates. View FlamePro’s particulate hood  collection or contact us to act now.