Why in-house manufacture of firefighting PPE is critical

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of firefighting, it’s frustrating to wait months for PPE orders. Time and lives are precious, and the tender process itself is often lengthy and slow. Once an order is placed, firefighters need a swift, reliable roll out. The only way to achieve this is to choose a supplier that is fully in control of manufacturing and its supply chain.


Keeping everything in-house is the difference between rapid delivery and unexpected long delays.  Our Operations Director Paul Hetherington explores further “At FlamePro, we deliver on our promises and have market leading delivery times meaning crews are protected within just 10-12 weeks of order. This is no coincidence.


“Being fully in control of our supply chain and manufacturing process is a game changer. We can focus on firefighters’ needs and you don’t have to wait for months for life saving kit.”


Manufacturing and supply chain control


Whilst many of our competitors look to China or Asia and contract out their manufacturing, we do everything at our in-house manufacturing facility in the heart of Europe. We manage the facility, employ our own staff, and have stringent training, auditing and quality control processes.


We also have a dedicated sampling team and production line, meaning we don’t compete for manufacturing slots and aren’t second in line behind more profitable military jobs – which often adds to delays.


Ideally located for rapid delivery


Our manufacturing facility is based in Bulgaria. Part of NATO, with stringent rules and regulations and good control on modern slavery, it’s well placed for easy access and fast delivery to customers in UK, Europe and beyond.


In-house design


Our highly skilled, in-house design team is based in the UK. They control every aspect of the design process and work closely with fire and rescue services to ensure firefighters’ PPE is fit for purpose. They regularly visit our manufacturing facility to oversee the process and ensure everything runs smoothly and to time. 


Reduced environmental impact


Location matters when it comes to environmental impact too. Being based in Europe means we have a smaller carbon footprint than other manufacturers. This is reduced even further as our main garment components and latest 3D fabric technology, is mostly sourced in Europe.


The right kit for the right job: delivered quickly


Firefighters’ needs are our top priority. We have developed protective gear for every scenario – wildland, rescue, marine and structural firefighting, that keeps them safe, cool and comfortable.


Our team is on hand to provide expert advice, pinpoint your specific requirements, and never oversell!  What you get from us is a quality product that meets your needs, offers excellent protection and is delivered quickly.


To discuss your requirements and learn more about our cutting-edge firefighter protection, give us a call on +44 (0) 1332 341030 or drop us a message using our contact form below.