The Specific Purpose PPE Report

In the evolving landscape of firefighting, traditional full structural PPE is no longer the one-size-fits-all solution for the diverse emergencies firefighters face. Our comprehensive report, issued in July 2024, delves into the changing role of UK firefighters and the financial and practical benefits of adopting specific purpose PPE. With fewer incidents involving structural fires and a significant increase in non-fire emergencies such as road traffic collisions, medical incidents, and wildfires, the need for versatile, cost-effective PPE has never been greater.


This report offers a detailed analysis of the cost implications and potential savings associated with incorporating specific purpose PPE, such as technical rescue, wildland, and water rescue gear. By highlighting case studies and providing practical recommendations, it serves as a crucial resource for Fire and Rescue Services seeking to optimize their PPE procurement strategies and ensure the safety and efficiency of their teams.


Discover how aligning PPE choices with today’s firefighting demands can lead to significant cost savings and improved operational effectiveness. Dive into our report to learn more about how specific purpose PPE can be a game-changer for the modern firefighter.

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